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Anjou Fruits Rouges



Anjou Fruits Rouges is committed to preserving  the environment and its sustainability so that consumers can enjoy our fruit knowing that it has been grown, harvested, packed and distributed with care for the environment and respect for all the people involved in the supply chain.


Our promise is to be environmentally responsible and sustainable for the long-term, not just for a season.


Anjou Fruits Rouges produces exclusively berries. We are one of the most innovative growers’ groups in the Loire region, growing our berries sustainably using water saving techniques and biological controls far from the crowds and pollutants in the pastoral and heavily wooded Loire region.

Products of Anjou fruits rouges are happy and healthy berries, perfect for berry lovers, any time of the day and any month of the year.


Our consumers select food for taste, enjoyment and health. we grow our berries to the standards that our customers expect.

The taste, juiciness and the wide range of helath benefits constitute the main features of our fruits.


The great taste of our berries inspires us to try even harder to ensure that we deliver fruits of the very best quality to our consumers—with great taste, attractive looking and bursting with all the health benefits that our customers crave.


Anjou Fruits Rouges produces berries only. We are one of the most innovative growers’ groups in Loire region that’s been around for three decades. During this time, we have developed from a small regional grower’s co-operative into what we are today with  partners overseas and suppliers who represent the very best berry producers in their respective countries, and key supplier status within the UK market.


Our succesfull specialisation and evolution has allowed us to grow into the berry experts that we are today. From field to farm and seeds to grafting, we constantly strive to refine what we offer and to ensure we are delivering the very best tasting and best-looking fruit.

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