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Image by Massimiliano Martini


About us

Anjou Fruits Rouges composed of two production companies - Anjou Framboises and Anjou Myrtilles- that have supplied the french market for more than  30 years  and have exported to the UK and europeen markets, These companies have built and maintained a solid reputation for quality and consistency. 

Anjou Fruits Rouges supplies global groups like Berryworld, Tesco, Driscolls,  during the Northern European summer season. Berryworld’s premium varieties are grown in Anjou, including Sapphire and Diamond Jubilee raspberries.


Anjou Fruits Rouges is dedicated and proud to supply BerryWorld with its berries, bursting with goodness.

It is difficult to resist tasting and enjoying the blueberries, raspberries , strawberries and blackberries while walking through the plantations during the seasons.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce and present to our clients the best varieties of fruits under stringent rules of quality and freshness while respecting nature and environment. 

Anjou Fruits Rouges
Anjou Fruits Rouges

Our Values

Our love and our passion in producing these fruits is matched only by our engagement and expertise to deliver them year on year

We ensure honesty and openness in all our activities and consistently demonstrate our passion to maintain high standards  and continuous improve quality to help us offer only the very best berries on a year-round basis.

Our values are Passion, Quality, Respect, and Expertise. We vow to deliver our berries to our consumers wherever and whenever they want them.



Our one goal is to grow first class products that improve people's moods, health and wellbeing and to do it with passion.


Our clients select our fruits for their taste, the pleasure and good health.

We prepare and harvest our fruits to the highest degree of excellence in the products that meet our clients' expectations.


We respect nature and the environment that has given us berries long before we started cultivating them.


We vow to put our competencies and skills to deliver good harvests, just like our berries provide us with pride and satisfaction every day. 

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